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There are two different type washers used in Flex Boots: a single washer and a double washer. The same washers fit both the standard and wide Flex Boot styles.

A single washer is used for the pastern strap under the ball rivet; each boot requires one single washer. Double washers are used for the shell of the boot under the ball rivets; each boot requires two double washers.

Single washers are sold in packs of two, this is enough to replace the single washer in two boots. Double washers are sold in packs of four, this is also enough to replace the double washers in two boots.

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Washers come as part of the standard Flex Boot set when you purchase a boot, or can be purchased separately as replacement parts. If you need to replace a ball rivet on the boots, check whether your washer is still intact or if you need to replace that too. It is not recommended for rivets to be attached to the boots without the washers, as this may damage the boot and will void any warranty.

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