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Custom Flex Boots wide are the ideal solution for barefoot horses and ponies who struggle to find off-the-shelf hoof boots that fit well and stay on. All sized parts of our boots can be swapped for a different size component, resulting in boots that are custom fitted to your horse’s hooves.

With custom boots, you first select the boot shell size, then the TPU gaiter size. That is said in the product name, for example, FlexPony CUSTOM 80/100 has a shell size 80 and a TPU gaiter size of 100. In the product, you will pick the neoprene gaiter and back strap sizes that fit your horse the best. You also get to choose the colors for neoprene gaiters and back straps! The boots are then custom-built for you in our warehouse, and you receive a boot that provides the best possible fit for your horse.

When fitted correctly, the boots do not rub, require no breaking in, and can even be used 24/7 if required. Flex Boots provide instant relief for horses that are foot sore from laminitis, thin soles or have other hoof problems.

Each custom boot is supplied as a complete set that includes the boot shell with rivets, a TPU gaiter that is attached to the boot shell, a neoprene gaiter and a back strap.

Sold and priced individually. To order a pair, please add two to your cart.

Please note that because custom boots are made-to-order, they are non-refundable and cannot be returned.
You are always welcome to ask for help from helpdesk@flexhoofboots.com to get the best fit for your horse.

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Flex Boots are the best hoof boots on the market and the most comfortable boots your horse could wear – they require no breaking in! Flex Boots are great for transitioning from shod to barefoot, first time users and seasoned barefoot horses alike. The boots function similarly to human barefoot shoes, providing great shock absorption and allowing the hoof to function biomechanically correctly, without any restrictions or discomfort for the horse.

Let your horse feel the difference:

  • Patented, superior insole design combined with the outer sole’s anatomical break over point supports correct hoof function.
  • Streamlined and lightweight; Flex Boot design is legally protected and the boot fits the hoof like a second skin.
  • Exceptional traction and suitable for all disciplines.
  • Smart fastening system; no hook and loop tape or cables that can easily break or get dirty.
  • Flex Boots are incredibly easy and quick to put on and take off. Even kids can do it!
  • Amazing drainage and easy to clean.
  • Designed to support a holistic approach to hoof and horse care.

Flex Boots WIDE are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that is soft, flexible and durable. Thanks to the skilled design and advanced technology used to make these boots, they are suitable for use in any weather and terrain; with great drainage and water-repellent materials, Flex Boots are the best hoof boots for snow, mud, very dry conditions and anywhere in between. The all-terrain sole gives superb grip, and for winter riding, the FlexStud base with pre-drilled holes make ice stud installation quick and easy.

Flex Pads can be used in the boots to offer additional cushioning and protection for horses that need this, for example if they have thin soles or are recovering from laminitis. Pads can also be used to improve the boot fit.

Flex Boots are designed with the horse’s welfare as the main priority. One of the most effective ways to promote healthy hoof development is by keeping the hooves in their ideal shape and size at all times. Owners can easily do this themselves, by learning to do a small weekly maintenance trim. Flex Boots like what the horse likes: they work best when hooves are maintained in their anatomically correct shape. Since the boot sole is essentially a cushioned air pad, long toes, high walls or sharp edges can damage the product.


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The wide Flex boots are available in several sizes suitable from miniature ponies to horses. Sizes 80W-105W are called FlexPony Boots, and sizes 110W-145W are FlexHorse Boots.

Our size chart lists the measurements of the inside boot sole, and Flex Boots fit hooves that are +/- 5mm of the listed width measurements, and no longer than the listed length measurement. Hoof measurements should be taken after a fresh trim. Flex Boots fit a variety of different hoof shapes provided the hoof is maintained in its anatomically correct shape.

Flex Boot Wide sizeBoot inside width (mm)Boot inside length (mm)

The below size charts show what size parts go with each boot size as standard. For custom boots, you can choose one size smaller or larger parts, depending on what your horse or pony needs. If you would like personal fitting and sizing advice, please contact our Helpdesk and we will be happy to help!

Flex TPU gaiter sizeFits these boot sizes (standard & wide)
9080, 85, 90
10095, 100
110105, 110
120115, 120
130125, 130
140135, 140


Flex neoprene gaiter sizeFits these boot sizes (standard & wide)


Flex back strap sizeFits these boot sizes (standard & wide)



The boot shell, TPU gaiter and back strap are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material that is often called a hybrid between plastic and rubber. TPU offers the flexibility of rubber, but with the strength and durability of plastic.

Neoprene gaiters are made of 5mm thick neoprene with laminated fabric on both sides. Rivets are made of steel. 

Care instructions

Flex Boots are easy to clean and maintain. The TPU material keeps its elasticity and lasts longer if the boots are in regular use. After using the boots, simply rinse off any dirt and hang the boots to dry in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Do not store the boots in a closed space such as a box or in your car. Boot shell, TPU gaiter and back straps can be brushed clean and washed with water. Do not use cleaning products. Neoprene gaiter can be rinsed with water or washed in a washing machine in a cold cycle. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.


Flex Boots are designed, tested and manufactured in Finland.


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