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FlexPad EVA can be used to improve the boot fit, or to provide additional cushioning and comfort for barefoot horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. They are an effective way to promote stimulation in the soft tissues inside the hoof.

Flex Pads are sized according to the boot sizes, so select the same size pads as your boots. Note that standard and wide boots have their own, separate pads because the sole shape is different between the two styles.

Sold and priced as a pair.

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FlexPad EVA soft are ideal if you need the boot to fit tighter, the horse needs more protection and cushioning, or the sole or frog needs more stimulation to become stronger. Pads are useful if your horse needs extra protection on hard rocky ground, or you’re rehabilitating after laminitis, founder, abscess, white line disease, or thin sole.

The EVA pads are sold as a pair, are 5.5mm thick and have two firmness options: soft (yellow) and firm (red). 

FlexPad EVA Soft (yellow) is ideal for:

  • All ponies and smaller horses.
  • Any horse or pony that is foot sore and/or going through hoof rehabilitation.
  • Improving boot fit, and if necessary even two soft pads can be added into each boot, as long as this doesn’t affect the boot fit negatively.

The pad will mold into the sole and the inside of the Flex Boot. They stay on very well and help stimulate the sole, frog and back of the foot, therefore strengthening the hoof every step of the way. Flex pads also make the boots more durable and often the boot will stay on even better with pads.

Pads are not included in the standard Flex Boot set when you purchase a boot.

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The soft and firm Flex pads are made of EVA foam, which is strong enough to provide protection yet soft enough to provide cushioning for the horse’s feet.

Care instructions

We recommend rinsing the pads after every use in warm water and drying them in a warm place; this helps retain their cushioning properties. 

Flex Boots are designed, tested and manufactured in Finland. 


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