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Flex Boots have an in-built FlexStud Base that enables easy application of ice studs. Flex ice studs are designed for winter use, when the ground is slippery from ice and snow. Adding ice studs to the boots improves the horse’s grip on slippery surfaces and makes them much more sure-footed, but caution is advised when considering exercising a horse on ice.

Flex Boots with ice studs can be used in exactly the same way as non-studded boots; they are suitable for all activities including turnout, groundwork, riding and carriage driving. If your horse has a tendency to pull the boots off, over-reach boots on top of Flex Boots can help.

To install ice studs, you need a special ice stud key which can be purchased from us separately, and a drill or an electric screwdriver.

Sold in packs of 24. The same ice studs fit both the standard and wide Flex Boot styles.

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Winter doesn’t have to mean an end to riding or exercising your barefoot horse! By adding ice studs to Flex Boots, your horse can be sure-footed on even the iciest surfaces. Our smartly designed FlexStud base, with its pre-drilled marker holes, makes stud installation easy, because you’ll know exactly where to put them. The boot’s angled breakover toe part also has places for studs, so your horse will feel secure throughout every phase of its gait, from the moment the heel lands to when the foot pushes off the ground again.

To ensure the ice studs stay on the boots as securely as possible, we recommend that the studs are applied only once. You can purchase boots for the winter, apply the ice studs on them and then remove the studs in the spring and keep those boots as summer boots going forward. Or if you purchase boots for the summer, you can apply ice studs on them come winter, however, you need to check how much the sole has worn before doing so. If the sole thickness doesn’t allow for studs to be attached, it’s a better idea to purchase separate boots for winter use.

We know that some of our customers have successfully re-applied ice studs to the same boots for the second time after removing them for the summer. Whilst this can work as long as the soles are not worn too thin, it is not our official recommendation to do so.

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Flex Boots are designed, tested, and manufactured in Finland.

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